We offer a wide range of services with quality delivery starting from physical warehousing to stock management. Our services are designed to help businesses grow and succeed in a highly competitive and dynamic business environment, and in turn reiterating our readiness to provide customized solutions to our clients as required. Thus, they are not cast in stone and can be easily adjusted to fit every need.
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Physical Warehousing
As streamlining logistic solutions to optimize supply chain networks is an aim of REMAN , controlled logistic services are provided to retain client values and achieved lead-time efficacy in a consolidated framework.
  • Pest management
  • Dedicated or multi-user warehouses as required by customers
  • Standard WHS operations
  • Fast track WHS solutions
  • Pallet shrink wrapping
  • Temperature control system Co-packing
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Warehouse Management
We ensure that your products are safe and intact, thanks to our effective warehouse management service.
  • Radio frequency WMS
  • 24-hour operation (if required)
  • Put away: allocation of goods based on vendor or customer criteria
  • Storage: Vendor Managed Inventory, which can also be customized based on the requirement of the user
  • Status of product i.e. blocked stock
  • Picking: S/N tracking, pick waves, prioritization based on transport management system
  • Packing: re-packing and labeling services
  • Shipping: interface with shipping systems and S/N cross reference with customer’s order
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Inbound Planning
We also provide inbound planning to ensure cost-effectiveness and proper receipt of wares coming into the country. Some of the services under this category are listed below.
  • Customs clearance
  • ASN troubleshooting
  • In transit container re-routing
  • Priority planning of Container Arrival Schedule
  • Emergency reception of products
  • Slot time planning to ensure maximization of WHS efficiency
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Stock Management
One of the most important tasks as a supplier is the management of stock. However, we at REMAN logistics help you take care of this part of your business.
  • Reconciliation of inventory with customer ERP
  • Daily cycle count on high-security items
  • Effective tracking to accurately locate wares
  • ABC stock analysis
  • Controlling of blocked stock
  • Random cycle count, wall-to-wall counts
  • Put away accuracy
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Quality Management
We pride ourselves on delivering quality services and we strive to ensure this quality transcends to our customers. Some of the ways we ensure quality management include
  • KPI measurements
  • Inbound putaway strategy & timeliness
  • Outbound strategy & timeliness
  • Inventory blocked stock
  • Location and put away accuracy
  • Non-conforming shipments
  • POD Timeliness
  • Picking accuracy
  • Productivity measurements
  • Standard operating procedures
  • Deviation analysis, containment actions, root cause, corrective action, and improvement measurements
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Approach to Security
At REMAN, developing a strategy that takes care of businesses operations in terms of social and environmental risks can be a real crucial element in the supply chain operation development. Our customers know very well they can depend on REMAM when stretching their products and services to many areas or countries.
  • Regular internal audits performed by Corporate Security department.
  • Security improvement program developed by Corporate Security department
  • Separate enforced locations for high value devices
  • Dedicated security personnel on site (24x7x365)
  • Thermal Camera, metal detectors and CCTV 24hrs recording equipment.
  • Off hours alarm enforced