Drive and passion to ensure a rewarding partnership
reman quality
Managing Inventory
  • Management of replenishment flows using a cost-effective supply system
  • Identification of Business Critical / Safety Critical spares which are subsequently cataloged and stored to made ready for use
  • RFID on each pallet of inventory
reman quality
Full Stock Visibility
  • Control and visibility of entire stock
  • Stock control catalog issues limited by defining the ‘true’ catalog available to the business
  • Effective stock control, enabling reduction in inventory levels and minimization of stock losses
reman quality
Higher Service Levels
  • Mapping of current and future requirements to minimize potential operational disruptions
  • 24 hours customer support
  • Our Trucks are with excellent views
  • Our drivers are well trained and qualified
  • GPS available for every truck on request
  • Customer daily views for his customer delivery
  • Excellent boxes and AC (Best Quality)
  • Dedicated supervisor for each project
  • Insurance – Fully covered
  • Our trucks range from 5 tons to 25 tons, with or without sizes, catering to all kinds of supplies and products
reman quality
Automated Business Rules
  • Processes automated through systems to ensure business integrity and compliance to Financial regulatory bodies
  • Automated triggers for replenishment and choice of service levels, allowing for reduced administration effort bureaucracy and errors
reman quality
Efficient Control
  • Efficient control of processes including event tracking and returns management
  • Monitoring of business by TLC’s IT system
reman quality
Reporting and Planning
  • Full reporting of all activity and planning based on output