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Introduction to REMAN Logistics
REMAN Logistics has provided services to a wide range of businesses across different industries, with our experienced and well-trained personnel ensuring quality service delivery. We do not just provide services to help your business grow and stay ahead of the competition, but we also ensure that we form a formidable partnership thanks to our unique services that include exemplary freight forwarding services starting from Logistics, Warehousing, Distribution and Transportation.
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Our aim is to change the face of the logistics industry, by handling all types of projects regardless of their duration or size. To get this vision achieved, we’re always hunting new opportunities and digging into fruitful possibilities with no place to limitations. Therefore, our employees have a significant role in actualizing this vision.
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Our mission is all about handling all issues relating to incoming and outgoing shipments, offering innovative and unique logistics solutions to our customers in a way that distinguishes us and further reiterates why we are the ideal logistics partner who supports the growth of every business in the industry.
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The partnership with the suppliers and retailers indicates the credible values of REMAN logistics to manage supply and demand of goods into the marketplace. REMAN has established backward and forward integrations with suppliers and retailer to manage their inventory and warehousing operations. One thing should be known that the operations of REMAN logistics based on the CPFR, VMI, and EOQ with the forward distribution channels. By implication of such strategies within supplier, partnership improvises better coordination and removes discrepancies in the operations management. Thus, REMAN logistics is looking forwards to make partnerships and convince companies to invest logistics operations of REMAN to achieve the desired level of success.
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reman about
The future outlook of REMAN logistics is remarkable because the company is growing in Saudi Arabia and makes partnerships with consolidated investments. However, the company seeking to take more space in different regions of Saudi Arabia to expand their business operations and got the high level of market share. The thinking of global operations could be risky, but attainable by technological advancements.
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To conclude the overall REMAN logistics in the Saudi Arabia entailed with best solutions of logistics and growing with the passage of time. The operations of REMAN logistics associated with the inventory management, warehouse system, and storage capacities. At last, the future outlook seems to be great to exploit international business expansion opportunities.
  • Reconciliation of inventory with customer ERP
  • Daily cycle count on high-security items
  • Effective tracking to accurately locate wares
  • ABC stock analysis
  • Controlling of blocked stock
  • Random cycle count, wall-to-wall counts
  • Put away accuracy
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